Special doors

Through its partnerships with leading suppliers in the Romanian market, Master Prod offers special doors that comply with the European and Romanian standards in force.

The types of special doors offered by Master Prod are: – standard and nonstandard fire resistant doors: robust and reliable metal doors, hinged, in one or two panels, full or glazed, with fire resistance between 30 and 120 minutes. They are designed to isolate underground fireplaces, residential or office buildings, industrial halls, production areas, warehouses, etc. in case of fire. – radiology doors: hinged doors, intended for the medical sector, plated with lead sheets of thickness between 1 and 4 mm. – Soundproofing doors: Soundproofing doors are recommended for industrial applications, in showrooms, engine rooms, passageways between workspaces, industrial kitchens, laboratories, etc. – cold-door doors: metal doors, hinged, for cold storage or cold rooms, with a total thickness of up to 160 mm, with a central hub. – Doors for the food industry: doors made of materials that meet the main requirement for these products – cleanliness and hygiene of production / storage chambers, keeping temperature controlled, continuous production flow and low maintenance costs. – Burglar / security doors: They are used for public and private buildings, increasing the safety of a building due to the manufacturing technology.

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