Garage doors

Master Prod SRL offers and installs residential and industrial garage doors at a good value for money. The products of this type are executed and assembled by specialized personnel, on order, according to the requirements and especially to the client’s needs.
From the product range of this type Master Prod offers you:
– sectional garage doors
– roller garage doors

Sectional garage doors:

Sectional garage doors are mounted behind the access gap. The initial movement of the panels is a vertical movement. After the panels gradually clear the access gap they rotate, positioning them parallel to the floor. This type of door has a remarkable number of advantages that satisfy the demands of the most demanding customers:
– thermal and sound insulation;
– safe;
– the possibility of incorporating a pedestrian access door;
– maximum use of space in garages with small surfaces;
– the possibility of remote operation. Sectional garage doors consist of:
– galvanized steel sandwich panels filled with polyurethane foam, for good insulation, 40 mm thick.
– traction cables
– torsion spring
– roller bearing system with bearings
– gaskets for sealing on the outline of the door. The panels can have different colors, from RAL colors or wood imitation colors and a wide range of models

Rolling garage doors:

Rolling garage doors are the optimal solution to secure access in small and medium sized garages. The garage doors are made using aluminum blades, using a system similar to the outer rollers but with accessories and components adapted to the large dimensions. The roller garage doors are recommended for crowded garages, as they do not “steal” from the space of the room, the blades clinging to the box. The garage doors can be operated manually or electrically (with remote control). In the variant of the electrically operated doors, they can be provided with a module that allows the switch from the electric to the manual drive in cases where there are problems with the electrical installation of the building. In this case I must follow the steps according to the instructions specified by the team that made the assembly. We ensure the client’s advice from the moment of the construction design to the post-assembly service stage. In the design stage we provide the technical information necessary for the installation of garage doors and various types of automation, offering the best solutions for the efficient use of the built space. In the assembly stage, our specialized teams will ensure the installation of doors and automation with professionalism. The experience of the assembly teams is given by the execution of numerous works of varied complexity. The logistics and personnel we have allow us to respond with the same promptness to both requests for ordinary civil works and requests for industrial works of scale.

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