PVC Joinery

PVC joinery with insulating glass combines the most demanding requirements:

– high energy efficiency which ensures lower heating bills
– sound insulation that ensures interior comfort
– easy handling and maintenance
– modern design
– innovative technology

     The technical / bidding department of our company has a continuous concern to offer customers carpentry made of profiles with major improvements, in terms of their interior and exterior geometry, to reduce the phenomenon of heat radiation through its structure and increase the thermal and sound insulation.

     The defining elements for PVC carpentry are: the profiles, glass and hardware used.

By choosing carpentry made of high-performance materials with advanced technology, you can be sure that you have chosen a quality product that will give you long-term satisfaction.

     Master Prod offers carpentry from profiles made by renowned companies in the field: REHAU, ALUPLAST, but also carpentry made from profiles from economy class.

     As for the depth of the profiles, it can reach up to 80 and even 100 mm (the latter being the variant used in the carpentry for passive houses whose basic principle is: more comfort with less energy).

     The load-bearing and strength of the joinery panels is ensured by the metal reinforcements used inside the PVC profiles.

     The better the profiles, the more important it is to use a glass in the form of insulating glass packages with superior insulating properties.

     The packages can be between 24 and 54 mm thick, with two or three sheets of glass. The glass used has different thicknesses, depending on the size of the glazed surface and can be from a simple glass, Float, to Low-E glass or 4Seasons glass or CS (solar control), with very low heat transfer coefficient or to combinations of tempered glass with laminated glass where safety and security requirements are primordial.

     A great influence on the characteristics of the final product has the number of sheets of glass in the package of insulating glass: 3-sheet glass packages insulate better than those with 2 sheets both thermally but especially acoustically, falling into class 5 out of 5 sound protection.

     The diagram below shows the influence of the type of glass, and the combinations in which it is used, on the insulation and sealing characteristics of the thermal insulation package assembly.

     In addition to the main function of thermal insulation and sound insulation, glass can also have a decorative and protective function.

     By choosing packages that contain special glass – decorative glass, mass colored, reflective – you can improve the architecture of the whole building and by using anti-burglary foils or even bulletproof glass – increases the resistance against burglary.

     The third defining element for PVC joinery is hardware.

     Master Prod offers you carpentry parts equipped with hardware elements from well-known companies in the field, which means a special quality but at a fair price. The hardware used in our works is known to be the most reliable (durable), having complete drive systems for all types of openings (swinging, oscillating, oscillating, sliding, harmonic) behaving excellently in commercial and residential use. Burglary protection – up to class DK3 = resistance to intervention with heavy tools such as a crowbar.

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