Metal joinery

The high strength of the steel allows the creation of joinery elements with generous dimensions and at the same time with thin frames. These unique features, combined with the beauty and simplicity of the metal surfaces, give life to an architectural style and an unparalleled aesthetic, much sought after lately by architects, designers and customers: the metal workshop type “workshop”. All the products are made to order and the purpose of our company is to bring to life challenging projects, guaranteeing maximum structural performance with maximum design freedom.

This carpentry, made of special metal profiles, has its place well defined in the range of products you can buy from Master Prod.
Depending on the type of your project Master Prod offers you metal joinery elements from profiles without thermal barrier, for the interior, whose appearance matches both the modern interiors and the traditional architecture.

From metallic profiles and secured / laminated glass, partition walls, interior compartments, glazed walls with built-in access doors, large interior windows can be made. For this type of carpentry the available configurations include:

– fixed windows
– windows with one or more sashes
– swing doors with one sheet or two sheets

The metal joinery elements can have polygonal shapes, corner configurations for large windows. They are extremely durable and there are virtually no maintenance costs
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