Wood Joinery

The technology of making profiles for wood carpentry with thermo-insulating glass has evolved at a very rapid pace in recent years, so the finished product has the ability to withstand resistance, time, reliability and safety.

Master Prod offers carpentry made of laminated wood. This profile is made of three or more wooden elements joined together by overlapping and gluing resulting in a profile with superior qualities of the monoblock wood profiles: – the possibility of making carpentry elements with much larger dimensions; – increased resistance to atmospheric factors, primarily to the action of humidity.

As for wood carvings (windows and doors), they can, as with aluminum or PVC profiles, have the following types of openings:

– swinging, with the advantage of maximum ventilation space;
– oscillating, in which case ventilation can be done permanently;
– sliding, with a small space for opening;
– harmonics, with ample openings.

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