External roller shutters

From this product range, Master Prod offers you:
– Aluminum outer rollers in applied or overlapping versions
– Outer rollers made of transparent foil.

Aluminum exterior roller:

Aluminum exterior rollers are sought after for their thermal and sound protection, privacy, shading and safety, as well as for their role in carpentry protection. Due to the material from which the rollers are made, they have a long service life under proper conditions of use and maintenance. They are made of aluminum blades filled with polyurethane foam, side rails for guiding the blades and the box in which the drum on which the carpet of the blades is assembled. Constructive types of aluminum rolls. The most common aluminum rolls are the APPLIED ones. They are applied on the frame of the wood / PVC / aluminum joinery or on the wall. They can also be used successfully when closing wooden terraces or sidewalks. These products can also be used in interior spaces: when dividing a room, when replacing a door (the one in the closet) or when delimiting an area. The SUPRAPUSE rollers are mounted together with the carpentry in the masonry hole and are recommended for new constructions or for replacing windows. Depending on the height of the carpentry on which they are mounted, the rollers have different dimensions of the box in which the mat is tightened. These boxes (heights) can have heights between 125mm and 205mm. The rollers can be operated manually (with a cord / ribbon or crank), a motor with a switch or a motor with a remote control. Both the applied and the overlapping rollers can be equipped with insect mesh.

Transparent film outer shutters:

The outer rollers of transparent film are systems for closing and protecting to the wind, rain and snow of some spaces outside the buildings: terraces, balconies, sidewalks, watermarks. It is well suited for the closure of public or private spaces.
Master Prod offers two constructive variants of this product:
– rolls with transparent foil tape
– rolls with transparent foil with tape
The basic components of the two systems:
– transparent polycrystalline sheet, thickness 0.6
– 0.8 mm, joined by thermo welding
– stiffening strip made of colored PVC film with textile insert or guides on the vertical sides of the roller
– drum on which the transparent film is wrapped. It can be visible or can be included in the roller box – wall / ceiling mounting brackets – reducer drive mechanism – crank – 1-2 m length (for manual actuation) – motor (for motorized version) – short for water take-off – metal bar – hooks – 2 pcs for hanging counterweight bar.
The main characteristic of the transparent rollers is the quick and easy operation, representing a quick and economical solution for closing terraces, at any time, when the weather worsening requires it.

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