Glass and Mirror Wall Plates

     Lately, wall coverings with painted glass, printed glass or mirrors have become more and more sought after, first of all for bathroom walls, kitchen work areas, but also areas of heavy traffic inside commercial spaces and office buildings (receptions , halls, bars, medical offices, fitness rooms, dance halls).

     The advantages offered by glass or mirror cladding compared to faience or sandstone are:
     – glass or mirror coatings bring a considerable increase from an aesthetic point of view. The environment comes to life instantly thanks to the gloss of the glass, the very clear colors or images printed on the glass plate, and the spaces acquire other dimensions by the reflection of light in the surfaces covered with mirrors. Their uniform and glossy surface reflects light, visually enlarging the space, which also gains extra elegance.
     – very easy maintenance, due to the perfectly smooth and very hard surface, which is not interrupted by the joints, as it happens in the case of plate cladding, having a high scratch resistance. As a result, mold, microbes and bacteria will not have a place to shelter. It is sufficient to use a solution for cleaning glass surfaces

     Glass cladding

     The simple fact that the glass cladding can be made in one piece, in large sizes, generates the feeling of large, elegant and clean spaces. The glass used is UltraClear glass, secured, 6mm thick, with polished edges and painted with a single layer or two coats of paint, depending on the RAL color chosen by the customer. It can be cut to any size and can be provided with cutouts for sockets and switches. The plating glass can also be printed with high resolution images.

     Painted or printed glass can be used in environments with very high humidity.

     The assembly is done using elastic elastic solutions, of silicone type.

     Mirror cladding

     Dark rooms can be illuminated by cladding the wall opposite to the windows. They function as a luminaire, bringing light to dark places.

     The mirror, like any type of glass, can be cut to the desired size and shape, can be sanded or faceted or contoured with different patterns.

     The most common types of mirrors are flat mirrors, which create a real image. The mirror can also be used in gyms, gymnastics or ballet halls and waiting rooms etc.

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