Curtain Walls

Generally, the curtain walls represent the usual name for glass and aluminum facades whose stability is ensured only by the rigidity of their own shape, an elegant and accessible “coat” for any construction. In addition to the modern aesthetic appearance and the excellent sound and thermal insulation properties, the “curtain wall” type structures facilitate natural lighting and offer a wide panorama of the views from outside the building. The combination of aluminum and glass results in modern façades that meet current requirements in terms of design flexibility and energy efficiency.

The curtain walls are upright – beam type constructions, made of aluminum profiles with a visible width of 50 mm or 55 mm. The depth of these profiles varies between 45 and 250 mm. They can be used both on the facades of commercial and public buildings and on residential ones. The execution and installation time for the curtain walls is short, and their maintenance is relatively cheap and easy. The structure can be applied on vertical planes, inclined (with a positive or negative slope), but also on roofs (illuminators and domes).

  The curtain walls can be made in any RAL color range. They can be combined with composite material plates – BOND type – which leads to a modern appearance of the assembly and to perfectly flat surfaces, easy to maintain.

Types of Curtain Walls

Standard curtain walls

It is the most used type of curtain wall, with profiles visible in both horizontal and vertical directions. For this type of curtain wall glass with thicknesses from 6 to 42 mm can be used.

Semi-structural curtain walls

They are made from frames fixed to each other by means of uprights. This type of structures have a low installation cost due to the fact that the frames from which they are made are made in the workshop. Only a very narrow surface of the aluminum profile is visible around each frame, and the exterior windows are identical to their interior correspondents. In the end, the building will have a unitary and impressive appearance.

Structural curtain walls

Horizontal and vertical profiles are not visible. The only visible element in this case is the glass. The glass is glued to the frames made of aluminum profiles using structural silicone. These frames are attached by uprights and can be fixed or movable (with openings to the outside). This system allows works with atypical and irregular shapes. The systems allow the installation of access doors.

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