Furniture and furnishings for commercial spaces and advertising

We offer products made from quality materials and manufacturing processes based on the latest technologies.

In cooperation with our specialized partners, we can equip public, corporate, office, institutional, domestic and international institutions to meet the requirements of our clients: designers and architects, as well as private investors. We make interior furniture elements according to current regulations and keep pace with stylistic trends. Whether it is furniture for work areas, conference rooms, waiting areas or recreation areas, we are able to carry out the most challenging and personalized projects. We can supply furniture items for spaces in different sectors, such as public catering, hotel, clothing, footwear, electronics, pharmaceuticals, etc ..

A successful business also needs a coherent visual identity. Master Prod offers the full range of indoor and outdoor advertising products: posters, billboards or luminous billboards with simple to complex shapes, banners, advertisements on pet machines and more.

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