Blinds and lamellar curtains

From the category of interior window protectors, Master Prod offers: – Horizontal blinds made of aluminum lamellas – Laminated textile curtains

Horizontal blinds made of aluminum lamellas:

Horizontal blinds are used to decorate and protect rooms and are made up of: – Laminate carpet, which is a combination of 25 mm wide and 0.21 mm thick aluminum strips perforated to pass the components of the drive system. – With the specific drive system, aluminum blinds allow easy light control throughout the day. The shutter system is manually operated and includes a blade lifting system and a rotation system. The lamellas can rotate up to 1800 so that the amount of light entering the room can be adjusted. At the same time, the carpet of the lamellas can be totally or partially tight, in which case the amount of light entering the room can be brought to a maximum. Locking the blind at a certain height can be done with a compact roller system (a lock) built into the lock. – The upper and lower profiles of the blinds are made of aluminum painted in electrostatic field in the same color as the lamellae. The advantages of using horizontal aluminum blinds are: – practical; – the ability to adjust the amount of light; – easy maintenance by periodic deletion; – long life. They can be fabricated in a wide range of colors designed to provide a pleasant environment and a chromatic balance to match the walls or decorations of the room.

Laminate curtains:

Laminate curtains combine the benefits of classic curtains with curtains in a single product. These products are ideal for any type of room, either office, medical cabinet, classroom, dining room or bedroom. Vertical blinds are made up of an aluminum-resistant rail that runs 127 mm or 89 mm fabric blades of various types and models. The material from which the lamellae are made does not require special care primarily due to the antistatic treatment of the textile support. The rotation of the textile blades allows the light to enter the room only to the extent desired. With a simple movement, the lamellae can be rotated completely, without leaving indiscretions to see inside. Venetian blinds are manually operated using the lamella rope strap or the curtain closure / opening. We offer lamellar curtains with several types of openings: – normal opening (the lamellas are gathered in the same part as the actuator) – reversed opening (the lamellas are on the opposite side of the actuator) – curtain opening (the curtain is divided symmetrical in two parts, from the middle to the edges) – “tightening in the middle” (laths are gathered in the middle of the garment) Vertical blinds are chosen by the clients due to the many advantages: – the possibility to adjust the light as the sun shines; – Easy maintenance, by regular aspiration; – Long life.

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