Closures terraces and balconies, interior partitions with sliding glass panels


     Choosing to close a terrace, a balcony, a gazebo or create an interior compartment with sliding glass panels can prove to be the best solution for the rapid and at any time transformation of an open area into an enclosed space or semi-open and vice versa, according to your wishes.
The closures with sliding glass panels combine in the happiest way the aesthetic component with the functional one of this kind of work.
Aesthetics: due to the magnetic seals between the glass sheets, the overall architecture of the building facade is not influenced and does not cover the panorama / landscape. This type of gasket is specific to the systems delivered and assembled by Master Prod.
 Functionality: sliding glass closing systems protect the interior from gusts of wind, dust clouds, raindrops and snowflakes.

Master Prod offers you the following Valedo glass sliding panel systems:
– BKS system, ideal for closing balconies
– BKS – T system, recommended for terrace closures and interior partitions
– Sliding system, used for interior partitions, in situations where we do not have enough parking space
– ShowCase system, used mainly for commercial / public space compartments
– Vertiglass system – practical system, in which the glass has a vertical slide, recommended as wind walls for terraces and balconies.

BKS system – the ideal solution for closing balconies

– applicability to spaces with diverse and atypical dimensions and geometries;
– without vertical profiles. The sealing between the glass panels is done with magnetic seal;
– each panel has 4 sliding rollers with two bearings per roll, wrapped in Teflon jacket to reduce noise;
– the pivoted panels are secured in the parking position with safety lock, so as to eliminate the risk of accidental closures (due to wind, etc.);
– the panels are secured in the closed position with the help of the upper and lower locks, thus obtaining the closure, insulation and security of the interior.



BKS – T system – for closing terraces and interior partitions

– the lower rail is 2 cm height and is rounded so that it does not form an obstacle. It is mounted on the finished floor;
– applicability to spaces with diverse and atypical dimensions and geometries;
– without vertical profiles. The sealing between the glass panels is done with magnetic seal;
– large openings and small spaces necessary for “parking the panels”;
– the first panel can act as an access door by optionally mounting an opening system specific to glass doors.

Sliding system – designed for interior partitions

– the glass panels are interconnected so that they are all operated with a single movement;
– the panels slide on a profile with 5 slideways;
– parking is done parallel to the sliding direction;
– the lower rail is 1 cm  height so that it does not represent an obstacle;
– 10 glass panels can slide on the 5 slideways (5 on one side and 5 on the other side);
– glass panels can have widths of up to 1 m;
– the sealing between the panels is ensured by the special brush type profiles;
– the rollers of the panels have a locking system in the lower rail.

The ShowCase system – especially for office and commercial partitions and delimitations

     In the ShowCase system, the glass panels are supported on the rails only at the top. The panels move easily on the rails with special geometry and the system allows the creation of large open spaces and the realization of any design requirements and concepts.

System features:

– 100% open space

– “frameless” glass (without vertical frames)

– no threshold

– integrated door (opening of the marginal section)

– maximum operational safety

Vertiglass – mobile glass windscreens

The VertiGlass Triplemotion system creates an anti-fog glass wall. Due to the fact that it is retractable, it can also be used as a glass railing when the panels are open.
The system consists of 3 secure glass modules that slide side by side. One module stays fixed and the other two slides up or down, making it possible to switch off the remote control to intermediate positions, thus controlling the ventilation capacity.
It is mounted between the pillars of terraces or balconies, with side guides. On the top is the engine system. Each of the three glass panels has aluminum profiles to ensure sealing.

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