Architectural glass elements – interior partitions, walls, doors, railings, stairs and glass floors

     Space, material and color, ie the main tools with which architecture operates are dependent on light, and, implicitly, on glass, the material with which it is filtered, guided and perceived by the human eye. Glass is a welcome solution at the moment due to the fact that it allows light to pass through / through the rooms and at the same time creates a particular atmosphere of the space through various decorative elements.

     Among the architectural elements made of glass, Master Prod offers you:
interior partitions and glass walls;
glass doors;
glass railings;
glass steps, stairs and floors.

Interior partitions and glass walls:

     An elegant glass wall, with a thin or almost invisible contour, is highly sought after by lovers of large, bright spaces. The glass used to make these panels is heat treated (safety glass). Safety and laminated glass, with thicknesses between 10 and 16.76 mm, can be used on request, depending on the degree of sound insulation required.

     The glass is mounted using aluminum perimeter profiles, with different thicknesses and types of fasteners, and which can be anodized or painted in any color from the RAL palette.

     For access from one side to the other, a glass door is embedded in the glass walls. These doors can have one or two active sheets and have hinged openings, with the possibility of locking in the floor or at the level of the handle by pressing. The doors can be provided with pull handles or by pressing.

Glass doors

     Glass doors are famous for their spectacular appearance, and the possibilities of equipment and decoration allow the realization of the most creative variants.

     Glass doors have several notable advantages that they recommend in certain situations:

     – visual modification of the dimensions of the space; they divide and expand the space at the same time;

     – high resistance to heavy use, humidity or temperature changes;

     – easy maintenance and cleaning, with any glass cleaner and a soft cloth;

     – glass is an environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic material, so glass doors can be installed in saunas, baths, beauty salons, medical centers, etc.

     The types of glass doors that Master Prod offers you are:

     – with built-in shock absorber and hinges with vertical mounting;

     – with masonry hinges, in horizontal plane;

     – with aluminum frame.

     Glass railings:

       Glass railings are architectural elements that incorporate safety, utility and aesthetics in the spaces where they are used. The glass railing can be used both outdoors (balconies, terraces) and indoors (stairs, floors). When we talk about making a safety glass railing, it is essential to choose, first of all, the correct fastening method, depending on which is established the type of glass and its thickness.

     Made of laminated and secured glass, with thicknesses between 12.76 mm and 20.76 mm, the component panels of the glass railings can be mounted in several variants:

– from the side of the floor or on the finished floor, with stainless steel connectors, glossy or satin finish;

– on the floor, with aluminum profiles;

– decorative panels framed in the metal structure of the railing.

The glass used to make the railings can be transparent, matte, smoky or colored.

     Glass steps:

       Glass steps have applicability in both residential and commercial projects. The glass used to make the steps is laminated and secured, with a thickness of 34 mm, transparent or colored and optionally with anti-slip treatment. Mounted on a metal frame, fixed directly to the wall or covering a concrete staircase, glass steps are a very modern, elegant and effective element.


     Glass floors:

       The glass is a novelty in terms of flooring, giving a spectacular look to the interiors. Glass flooring creates more light and space in buildings while offering many design possibilities. Such a floor is made of safety and laminated glass, sealing elements and fixing elements, mainly of the frame type made of metal profiles.

      The configuration and total thickness of the floor is directly related to its size / surface. Thus, triplex type bottles with total thicknesses between 28 and 34 mm can be used. The standards in force clearly require the correlation between the surface, the co  nfiguration, the type of fixing on the perimeter structure and the total thickness of the glass floor.

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