Shower cabins

In many situations, the shower cabin is the ideal solution, especially in the case of a small bath, when the effect of space can be amplified by the use of glass. The bottle allows you to set up the shower so you can get the desired degree of privacy.

Whether it’s a walk-in shower, in a generously sized bathroom or enclosed space / shower cabin, the glass used must be safe and secure. For these reasons, the glass used by our company for these products is heat-treated glass – ESG (secured) with special mechanical strength. When required by technical specifications, safety and laminated glass ESG – VSG (two glass sheets between which the lamination sheet is found) can be used. For installation of screens or fixed glass panels in shower cabinets, U-profiles are made of stainless steel and anodized aluminum or glass / wall connectors 90. Both solutions require mechanical fixing on the floor and wall. The shower screens and cabinets are stiffened using the stabilizer bar / connecting elements. The connecting elements of the stabilizing bar are varied (wall / bar connectors, glass / bar, elbows, “T” and connecting pieces at different angles and inclinations) which allows us to make different configurations of the final product. Both the stiffening elements and the fittings can have glossy or satin finish. For sealing, we use a wide range of silicone seals both for the spaces between the door and the fixed or wall panels, as well as for the hermetic closing of the door and its holding in the closed position with the help of the magnetic lining. They are available for both 90 ° and 180 ° or 135 ° configurations. The numerous configurations in which they can be executed and the fact that they can be customized to each bath room, generates the continuous demand for shower cabins.

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