Shower cabins

     In many cases, the shower is the ideal solution, especially in the case of a small bathroom, when the space effect can be amplified by using glass. The glass allows you to arrange the shower so that you get the desired degree of privacy.
     There are a multitude of aspects that can help the client decide if this is the optimal solution for his bathroom.

      Whether it is a walk-in shower screen, in a bathroom that offers generous spaces, or an enclosed space / shower, the glass used must fulfill the function of safety and security. For these reasons, the glass used for these products is heat-treated glass – ESG (safety), with special mechanical strength. Where required by the technical specifications, ESG – VSG safety and laminated glass (two sheets of glass between which the laminating film is located) may be used.

     Anodized aluminum U-shaped profiles or glass / wall connectors 90 are used for the installation of fixed glass screens or panels that are part of the shower cubicles. Both solutions require mechanical fixing to the floor and wall.

     Shields and shower enclosures shall be stiffened using the stabilizer bar / connecting elements assembly. The connecting elements of the stabilizer bar are varied, which allows us to make various configurations of the final product. Both the stiffening elements and the hardware elements can have glossy or satin stainless steel finishes.

     For sealing, we use a wide range of silicone gaskets and waterproofing silicones, both for the spaces between the door and the fixed panels or wall, as well as for the hermetic closing of the door and keeping it in the closed position.

    The numerous configurations in which they can be executed and the fact that they can be customized to each bathroom, generate the continuous demand for shower cabins.

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