Automatic doors

Automatic doors are used for both internal and external access routes in sanitary units, airports, shopping centers, train stations, car dealerships and other types of public spaces. They include fine mechanisms and state-of-the-art technologies in automated access systems, which allows for remarkable preformations.

The types of automatic doors offered by Master Prod are:
– linear sliding doors. These doors can have openings between 800 mm and 4000 mm
– corner sliding doors. It allows the simultaneous access of a large number of people but also the access with large products or objects.
– sliding doors with emergency evacuation system. They are equipped with a security system, approved in case of fire, which allows the doors to be opened regardless of their position to facilitate the quick and safe evacuation of the persons present in the building.
The use of sliding doors has several advantages that cannot be overlooked:
– they are practical and safe;
– have a silent operation;
– maintenance easy to perform;
– a design that allows them to easily adapt to any type of access path.

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