In the production of glazed aluminum elements, the Master Prod company uses both thermal breake profiles (multicameral) and profiles without thermal breake (unicameral).

Designed for architectural applications, these profiles are used in the construction of windows, interior and exterior doors, facades, greenhouses / winter gardens.

The aluminum carpentry has a low own weight, the mechanical characteristics being stable even at large temperature differences, they do not rust, do not fade and are resistant to the influence of environmental agents.

There are a multitude of complex and durable carpentry systems on the market. They have various architectural applications. We find more and more buildings with large glazed areas, curtain wall facades and generous windows. In all these situations and in many others aluminum is the recommended material.

In order to be able to meet the modern architectural requirements, Master Prod has a continuous and sustained concern for the use of the newest and most efficient aluminum profile systems.

Types of openings

Joinery elements (doors, windows, etc.) made of aluminum profiles can have several types of openings:

– swing opening,

oscillating opening,

– combined opening ( tilt-and-turn),

sliding opening, using one or more sliding paths,

harmonic opening (accordion)

Joinery with sliding openings

Sliding openings are mainly recommended for buildings with limited space. These carpentry elements can be installed and work very easily in small spaces.

This system is the ideal option for wide openings. It offers the possibility to create impressive glazed surfaces with small aluminum surfaces. So that the customer can enjoy the feeling of freedom given by nature.

Joinery with harmonic openings

Harmonic openings are ideal for dividing large areas and openings where there are special requirements for the flexibility of the space with mobile partitions (offices, showrooms, restaurants, entertainment areas, etc.).

We offer solutions with a large number of movable sheets, without size restrictions, with a smooth operation, occupying a minimum space.

The vast majority of these systems support double or triple insulated glass, with large glass surfaces, insect protection nets, exterior rollers and offer a wide range of models with modern design and economical solutions.

Surface treatments

A wide variety of profile colors and textures are always needed to meet all customer needs.

The surface treatments to which aluminum profiles can be subjected are:
– preanodization
– anodizing
– electrostatic painting
– sublimation

In dark or light shades, matte or glossy, fine or textured / brushed surfaces, metallic or with a wooden decorative effect, aluminum profiles meet the most demanding requirements.

These treatments ensure, besides a pleasant appearance, the protection of aluminum profiles in the action of environmental factors, corrosion, chipping, discoloration, wear and tear resulting from daily use but at the same time provide a very easy maintenance.

For aluminum joinery, Master Prod uses profiles provided by the leaders on market: Alumil, Schüco, Aliplast – Belgium.

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