Retractable aluminum roof


     The retractable roof is a new generation of retractable pergola systems, specially designed to be a next-level architectural product for spaces such as cafes, restaurants, villas, malls and more. The retractable roof is practically a pergola made of profiled aluminum panels, with an air chamber, which folds and retracts along the aluminum guides.

     Retractable roofs consist of:

– columns and rainwater collection system: all rainwater is collected from the roof and guided through the vertical columns to the sewer system;

-aluminum guides and slats: the number of guides depends on the length of the pergola. The columns and guides are designed for heavy loads, without other resistance beams, making this system the most robust system on the market.

STANDARD retractable roof: the system has variants of sections of different profiles, for covered surfaces with a depth of up to 6 m and up to 8 m respectively. This roof can be mounted on an existing structure or adjacent to buildings

SELECT retractable roof: a retractable roof that can function as an independent structure.

Motorization and automation:

     All such products are powered by Somfy motors, imported from France, motors operated by simply pressing a button on the remote control.
     For large covered surfaces these systems are equipped with two motors.

Advantages of using retractable roofs:

– resistance to high loads
– fire resistant
– protection from rain, dust, wind, direct sun
– the possibility of ventilating the space

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