Roofing and closing of terraces, skylights, green houses / wintergarden

Terrace coverings

      Terrace roofs open up a new world, a new perspective on comfort, freedom and connection to nature.
In a classic or contemporary style, with ample or minimalist spaces, the terraces help you to expand your living and recreation space. A terrace gives you the pleasure to enjoy the landscape all year round, from the privacy of your home. These buildings create a comfortable seating area where you can enjoy the view with your friends and family.


      The system for skylights or roofs made of aluminum and glass, made by Master Prod, is one of the most flexible on the market.
Skylights can be made with a great diversity of shapes and volumes such as:
– horizontal roof
– sloping roof
Aluminum profiles for skylights (aluminum roofs and glass) are available in different color and finish variants.

Green houses / Wintergarden

      Wintergardens are the solution for a space with a special atmosphere closer to nature.

    You can do:

– verandas – constructions related to existing buildings,

– domes and pavilions – independent constructions.

    The profiles used can be with or without thermal barrier.
Depending on the style of the house and the personality of the client, various constructive models can be made that will ensure the requirements of protection, design and resistance.

The profiles used are part of systems specially created for such constructions made by the Belgian company Aliplast.

    For glazing are used thermal insulation packages with a high degree of thermal protection, sun protection, light diffusion but also safety, made of laminated glass and safety glass, with self-cleaning treatments.

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